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We are a family-owned and operated Registered Red Angus herd. We are located in southeast Iowa on land our family has owned since the ground was patented in 1841.


We purchased our first Red Angus females in 1990 and converted our commercial herd to all Red Angus shortly afterward. Our herd is based on the principle that sound, functional cattle can have both performance and phenotype. We will not sacrifice structural integrity to pursue a fad whether it be in the form of an EPD or the bull of the month. The cowherd is run very much like our commercial customer’s herds with the cows grazing endophyte-infected fescue for much of the year.

They are supplemented with only salt and mineral through the grazing season and are wintered on the hay that is produced here. We do AI part of the herd in an effort to bring new genetics into our herd and purchase herd bulls from the top of other breeders' herds whom we respect.

While we do exhibit cattle at various shows, we have always been of the mindset that we show our breeding cattle, not breed show cattle. We constantly strive to produce cattle that are structurally sound, fertile, phenotypically pleasing to look at, and expect them to perform on our fescue pastures in a high humidity environment.


We welcome you to call us anytime or even just stop in. We love raising our Red Angus cattle and we love to visit with anyone about the Red Angus breed!

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